At Puryette, we have an unwavering commitment to living our values. These three pillars guide our everyday actions.

Be Only Amazing

We believe in bringing only amazing products to our customers. That's why you won't see a Puryette catalogue with a dizzying array of choices. We've narrowed down hundreds of formulations to bring you only the very best. And we encourage comments, questions, and feedback, so that we can develop the products that matter to you.

Be Well

In addition to active ingredients that target malodors, our products contain designer blends of essential oils. We want our products to not only eliminate unwanted odors, but to provide you with a truly revitalized space - a space you love and want to be in.

We use Never List as our compass when creating new eco-friendly deodorizing products that are truly safe to use. In addition, we support innitiatives that promote emotional awareness and emotional well-being because we believe that a happy space is the one that smells renewal and fosters inner awakening.

Be Sustainable

We use kraft paper and cardboard instead of foam or plastic to ship bottles. We offer discounts for bulk packs, which helps reduce our shipping footprint. Our formulations are also long-lasting and concentrated so that one spray is often enough. Less sprays mean each bottle of Puryette could last for hundreds of days! 

We're constantly working towards more sustainable practices such as moving away from plastic bottles to other options. While we recognize that we aren't completely green now, we’re always working to make better choices and to become a truly sustainable brand.



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